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Free Product Test

Free (4Duck) Product Test - 168k PDF (11 Pages)

Reproduction Rights: Permission is granted to individuals for personal use only. Further reproduction is prohibited.


  1. Contact Information: Name and Address
  2. Introduction
  3. Written Descriptions: 10 Written Questions
  4. Descriptive Factors: 10 Multiple Choice Questions
  5. Design Factors: 10 Multiple Choice Questions
  6. Marketing Factors:10 Multiple Choice Questions
  7. Legal Factors: 10 Multiple Choice Questions
  8. Business Factors: 10 Multiple Choice Questions
  9. Evaluation Summary: Commercial Potential Graph


Evaluation Used By:

New product developers, inventors, professionals, development teams, engineers, designers, entrepreneurs, venture capitalists

Purpose of Evaluation:

  1. Analyzing the commercial potential of a new product, invention or service
  2. As a standard format to provide a detailed product definition
  3. As a developmental checklist for the new product developer
  4. Periodic examination of a new product's progress, indicating current deficiencies and strengths
  5. Educational / communication tool

Product Evaluation Scoring:

  1. Five categories of multiple choice questions are separately scored.
  2. Each category's score is individually charted in the Commercial Potential Graph.