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Solids files (CAD) are generated by our exceptionally talented computer folks. Our master computer artists are also experienced engineers. We then use the best equipment to engineer and rapid prototype parts, jigs, molds and models.

Many of our prototypes are precision assemblies using rapid prototype parts in combination with actual fasteners, hardware and electronic parts. Making prototypes that function requires design, science and engineering skills.

Duck Engineering, Inc. has produced computer generated parts since 1995. We have experience in using stereo lithography to build difficult products. This has included delicate working medical prototypes, flexible parts and large heavy parts too.

Unfinished model in Accura® 25 and 60 plastics, Trade show model of a desalinization pump
Painted cut-away model, which weighs about 50 lbs. Featuring a hollow base, the model has been displayed around the world.
Vertical pump display with rapid prototyped parts, utilizing machined accessories to survive international trade shows
1/2 Scale cut-away pump with electric motor, Accura® 25 stereolithography resin and machined parts
Rapid prototyped camera head in gray primer with hand machined parts