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Duck Engineering, Inc. has provided critical evaluation expertise to many companies' succesful ventures.

New Product Development Services

  • Developing new products and concepts
  • Creating new business models
  • Reinventing old products
  • Producing line extensions
  • Researching new technologies

This evaluation is accomplished in one meeting. The results are presented verbally. We normally include thumbnail sketches and/or printed reference material. The client is free to independently explore any of the ideas generated.

Typical Agenda for Discussion

  • Review the client's ideas
  • Define the product
  • Review the competitive marketplace
  • Review relevant science and technology
  • Brainstorm ideas
  • Produce design sketches (deliverables)
  • Review resources
  • Ballpark development, manufacturing and tooling expenses
  • Discuss prototyping or model costs
  • Define the next step

Our full evaluation is $1250.00. Appointments for evaluation must be made with one-half payment in advance and the balance due at the close of the meeting. Fees are non-refundable. Appointments must be made in advance and we appreciate 24 hours notice for any rescheduling.

This evaluation is at our facility in Kansas City, Missouri with two senior Duck Engineering personnel. This is a half day event. We observe a casual dress code. The evaluation schedule is from 10am to 3pm. Normally a maximum of 3 persons from your group may attend. Bring all relevant information, models, etc. to the meeting.